How to Get an Online Appraisal

UPDATE 4/29/2018: We are now exclusively doing online appraisals, we are no longer taking walk-in sellers. Follow the guide below to get an estimate on your products. If you would like an online appraisal of your item, send us pictures and details of your product at 206-486-5818 or email us at To help us price your items accurately, here are the most important things we want to see. What Items We Buy We can buy just about anything that sells on eBay. Some items we really love seeing are vintage cameras, video game consoles, computers, cellphones, tablets, records, audio equipment, and tools. Feel free to check out the full list of items we look for. If in doubt, just send us a message and we will let you know if we can buy it. What to Include When Messaging Us About Your Item

1. Give us the model number

We need to know the exact product we are buying; even "15 inch Blue Dell Laptop" doesn't help much. Look at the bottom of your device and read through the stickers.

2. Clean It Up and Find the Missing Pieces

If you want to get the most money, clean up any dust or grime. Make sure you to include as many accessories that came with the device. If your item is dirty or missing pieces we can't pay as much for it.

3. Take Pictures of the Damage/Disclose Any Caveats

Just because there is some damage doesn't mean we will turn it down. However, if you want an accurate estimate we need to know what's wrong up front. Take pictures of any damage and disclose any issues. Any issues found later will lower the price we will pay you and may cause us to end the deal.

Once we have reviewed your items we will give you a general estimate. If it interests you, we will set a time to meet or arrange for shipping to complete the purchase. Get an estimate now by texting 206-486-5818 or emailing

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