What Items We Buy/Trade

UPDATE 4/29/2018: We are no longer taking walk-in sellers. If you would like to sell to us, you can get an online appraisal by sending pictures of your items to 206-486-5818 or storefrontleo@gmail.com

Because we sell online through a variety of marketplaces, we can take all sorts of items. To get a general idea of what we are looking for, check out the list below. Otherwise feel free to message pictures and details of your items to 206-486-5818 or storefrontleo@gmail.com to get an online appraisal. (Any price quotes given out are not final until cash is in your hand.)

What we DO buy:
  • Audio Equipment

  • Car Audio (speakers, stereos, subs, amps)

  • Home Audio (receivers, speakers, sub woofers, record players)

  • Pro Audio (microphones, rack gear, cabling, recorders)

  • Brand New Items

  • Collectibles

  • Electronics

  • Cameras

  • Power Supplies & Cables

  • Flat Screen TV’s

  • Computers, PC components, laptops

  • Cellphones (will not purchase if it is locked)

  • Gift Cards

  • Housewares

  • Musical Instruments

  • Records (Individual and Collections)

  • Tools

  • Video Game Products

  • Consoles

  • Controllers

  • Accessories

  • Vintage Items

What we DON’T buy:
  • ANY stolen property

  • Bikes

  • Clothing

  • iCloud locked iPhones & iPods

  • Furniture

  • Purses

  • Vehicles

  • Weapons

Feel free to text us at 206-486-5818 or email us storefrontleo@gmail.com if you still have questions about what we buy/trade.

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