How to Buy Bitcoin with LibertyX

UPDATE 4/29/2018: Although we have cut most of our walk-in services, we are still offering LibertyX from Tuesday to Saturday, 2pm to 8pm. Just ring the doorbell when you arrive and we will let you in. When buying Bitcoin, you often have to choose between paying too much for a secure transaction service or risking your money by trading with an independent seller. LibertyX offers the best of both worlds: allowing you to buy Bitcoin safely in person while avoiding the high fees associated with Bitcoin ATM's.

1. Download the LibertyX app from the iOS App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android).

2. Log In/Sign Up by providing your phone number and a password at the login screen.

3. Find a Location by entering in the address, zip code, or name of store. To find the nearest store look at the results on the map.

4. Start a New Order by going to the store page and tapping "Start a New Order". At the following screen enter the Bitcoin address where you would like to receive Bitcoin. Once you provide an address, LibertyX will generate a temporary 6 digit code.

5. Present LibertyX Code and Money to cashier. It is important that you provide physical cash LibertyX does not accept credit or debit cards. You will receive your Bitcoin almost immediately, just check the transactions tab in the app.

Now you know how to buy Bitcoin! If you're in the Seattle area come by our store, Lucky Leo's. We would love to sell you Bitcoin!

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